Starting Small


This month we are excited about the newest teacher from our Center: SreyOuen, one of our Father’s House kids! For many months now, staff member Aly has been visiting local children and teaching them Khmer literacy and basic English. Aly has been doing such a great job transitioning these children from completely unschooled to functionally literate! And sometimes she brings along some of our Father’s House children (including SreyOuen) to help.

Recently, SreyOuen noticed that there were several new children hanging around who seemed interested in learning but were not ready for the level of study that the children who had been attending for months were at.  She asked Aly if she could start her own little class teaching basic Khmer reading and writing to them. We were of course thrilled to say yes to this endeavor!


One of our biggest desires for Father’s House and Loaves and Fish children is that as they grow up and see how God has brought them out of brokenness into lives of blessing and abundance, that they would begin to sow back into the communities where they were once considered outcasts: that they would bring hope to those around them just as God has brought hope to them.

We are so thankful for faithful and encouraging staff like Aly, who are modeling service and helping our children find their callings. And we are excited to see the many ways that the kids in our programs are blossoming, maturing, and sharing what they have with others! Please join us in praying for SreyEun’s little literacy class, that as she teaches these young children, both she and they would be blessed!


Father's House Field Trip

Angkor Wat with father house 176 copy.JPG
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Last week was an eye-opening one for the children of Father’s House! In the Western world, experiences like visiting historical monuments or going on field trips are often an integral part of one’s childhood education. But for the children in our care, brief mentions in dry textbooks were as close as they had ever gotten to their own rich and unique cultural heritage. That’s why we decided to take them to Siem Reap province to witness firsthand one of the wonders of the ancient world: Angkor Wat.

Cambodia was once known as “the Pearl of Asia”, a place of beauty where great architectural and artistic achievements were a prominent part of the cultural landscape. The 1970’s Khmer Rouge genocide, though purportedly a return to the agrarian glory of bygone days, in effect stripped Cambodia down to poverty and survivalism, a far cry from what it had once been. In out-of-the-way places lie preserved only remnants of what was once a thriving civilization.

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Angkor Wat and the other ancient ruins in the surrounding region were all originally part of a bustling city where a system of aquifers enabled year-round crop cycles, impossible anywhere else in the region. Ceaseless building projects were meant to demonstrate the wealth and power of neo-Hindu “god-kings”. But as Christians, we see the incredible ingenuity of our Creator reflected in these stony structures and ancient art. Though the craftsman and laborers who built these places may not have known it, their creativity and problem-solving stands as a testament to the One in whose image they themselves were made. 

Though the drive to Siem Reap was over 8 hours long, it was well worth it to see the amazement on the children’s faces as they walked through palaces and roads hewn from gigantic boulders and stood beside life-sized carvings of their ancestors (see more photos here). Exploring, climbing, and wandering through acres of ruins..... It was an experience that our Father’s House family will never forget!

-In His Steps

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Marking Milestones

We are proud to introduce our first group of graduates from our KTC literacy program! These children have completed a course of Khmer phonics and reading, gaining a valuable skill that will be used for a lifetime. We celebrated this important milestone by having a little party for them and watching a fun literacy DVD together!

As we’ve mentioned before, literacy is a huge problem in Cambodia and a fundamental issue in combatting poverty and human trafficking. Education helps close the doors of ignorance and shame that can lead to poor life choice, opening new doors to confidence and success.

The children in our class were so excited to receive graduation gifts with new books and children’s Bible materials. For many, these are the first books anyone in their family has ever owned. Breaking the cycle of illiteracy will benefit not only them but others in their home and future generations! We look forward to many more “graduation parties” to come.

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Other News


For the last two weeks a women’s team from Denver United Church in Colorado has been with us, doing ministry and building relationship in Sak Saum, teaching at an anti-trafficking seminar and church events, doing children’s outreach, and more. You can see pictures of team ministry here. And if your or your church is considering an outreach to Cambodia in 2014, now’s the time to start planning! Go to our outreach page to learn more.

- In His Steps

Filling in the Gaps


All too often in countries such as Cambodia, huge needs exist in spheres of life that the Western world takes for granted. Children without parents, families without food, young people without education.... the ravages of war in the past and a lack of infrastructure in the present cause entire nations to wallow in poverty and brokenness, without hope or vision. As Christians, it falls to us to be Jesus' hands and feet, filling in the gaps and sharing hope as He leads.

Each weekday at our Center, we hold Khmer literacy classes for Cambodian children, as well as some adults in our Sak Saum program. Not only is literacy in one's own language is a key to breaking free from poverty and ignorance, it is a valuable tool to transmit the Gospel. Thankfully, we have been able to acquire some excellent curriculum that combines basic reading and writing practice with Bible stories and a Christian worldview!

The Khmer writing system is beautiful but very complex, a challenge to any student. Some of those who attend our classes cannot afford to attend public school, others simply need some extra help. Teachers Aly, Sokra, and Solomon sit with their students and practice writing and sounding out letters, reading simple words together, and listening to Bible stories in their native language.

It is a wonderful privilege to be a part of equipping future Cambodian leaders, teachers, ministers and businessmen/women for success with something as simple as this weekly literacy program! Other ways we are empowering the next generation include: offering free English classes to all ages, providing a reading room filled with books in English and Khmer, job skills training and discipleship, Sunday School for children, seminars and workshops, youth group meetings and activities, hosting community events, our new soccer team, and most recently, the opening of a new playground! Each of these programs and resources, in their own way, are helping to fill in the gaps and spaces that have been left vacant in Cambodian communities for so long.

If you would like to learn how you can support In His Steps ministries, click here. And please remember to keep our staff and programs in your prayers!

- In His Steps