Starting Small


This month we are excited about the newest teacher from our Center: SreyOuen, one of our Father’s House kids! For many months now, staff member Aly has been visiting local children and teaching them Khmer literacy and basic English. Aly has been doing such a great job transitioning these children from completely unschooled to functionally literate! And sometimes she brings along some of our Father’s House children (including SreyOuen) to help.

Recently, SreyOuen noticed that there were several new children hanging around who seemed interested in learning but were not ready for the level of study that the children who had been attending for months were at.  She asked Aly if she could start her own little class teaching basic Khmer reading and writing to them. We were of course thrilled to say yes to this endeavor!


One of our biggest desires for Father’s House and Loaves and Fish children is that as they grow up and see how God has brought them out of brokenness into lives of blessing and abundance, that they would begin to sow back into the communities where they were once considered outcasts: that they would bring hope to those around them just as God has brought hope to them.

We are so thankful for faithful and encouraging staff like Aly, who are modeling service and helping our children find their callings. And we are excited to see the many ways that the kids in our programs are blossoming, maturing, and sharing what they have with others! Please join us in praying for SreyEun’s little literacy class, that as she teaches these young children, both she and they would be blessed!


Building Youth


Each week at Gospel Community Church Saang, we hold a regular youth group meeting for area teens to come and worship together, pray for their nation, and be taught the Word of God. Many of those who attend have become volunteers at church, helping with nursery, children's programs, and team outreaches! But since we at IHSI feel called not only to build our own church, but also to invest in others, we host several Youth Fellowship meetings throughout the year: ecumenical gatherings joined by youth from many other churches in Kandal Province.


Each time this large group of teens comes together, it is a beautiful time of worship, learning, prayer, and of course lots of fun! Dramas, music, testimonies, and games almost entirely led by the youth, a great way for talent and leadership abilities to be developed. Last week, we also were able to have a member of a visiting team from YWAM shared on the power of forgiveness. 

Below are some images from last Saturday's festivities, complete with Khmer "pinatas" and more. Please join us in praying for the many youth that join these events, that it would build unity in the local Body, encourage new believers, and motivate all to press in to God and pursue Him in their community!

` In His Steps