Filling in the Gaps


All too often in countries such as Cambodia, huge needs exist in spheres of life that the Western world takes for granted. Children without parents, families without food, young people without education.... the ravages of war in the past and a lack of infrastructure in the present cause entire nations to wallow in poverty and brokenness, without hope or vision. As Christians, it falls to us to be Jesus' hands and feet, filling in the gaps and sharing hope as He leads.

Each weekday at our Center, we hold Khmer literacy classes for Cambodian children, as well as some adults in our Sak Saum program. Not only is literacy in one's own language is a key to breaking free from poverty and ignorance, it is a valuable tool to transmit the Gospel. Thankfully, we have been able to acquire some excellent curriculum that combines basic reading and writing practice with Bible stories and a Christian worldview!

The Khmer writing system is beautiful but very complex, a challenge to any student. Some of those who attend our classes cannot afford to attend public school, others simply need some extra help. Teachers Aly, Sokra, and Solomon sit with their students and practice writing and sounding out letters, reading simple words together, and listening to Bible stories in their native language.

It is a wonderful privilege to be a part of equipping future Cambodian leaders, teachers, ministers and businessmen/women for success with something as simple as this weekly literacy program! Other ways we are empowering the next generation include: offering free English classes to all ages, providing a reading room filled with books in English and Khmer, job skills training and discipleship, Sunday School for children, seminars and workshops, youth group meetings and activities, hosting community events, our new soccer team, and most recently, the opening of a new playground! Each of these programs and resources, in their own way, are helping to fill in the gaps and spaces that have been left vacant in Cambodian communities for so long.

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- In His Steps