March Update

There’s been a lot going on in the last few weeks, so we thought we’d give you a quick look at some of the highlights and news about what is going on at IHSI!

Team Outreach

This month we hosted our second team of 2015, this time from Boulder Street Church in Colorado! It was a blessing having old and new friends on the ground with us as they took part in church programs, children's and youth ministry, helped in Sak Saum, did prayer ministry, spruced up our sanctuary with some fresh paint, and got to know our staff and community! Team outreaches are a great introductions to missions work while learning about the IHSI model of ministry. If your church or group is interested in doing an outreach with IHSI, click here to learn more! 



This past week we celebrated an important milestone in the lives of 15 new believers, water baptism. We brought them out to a local pool, worshiped together, shared testimonies, and baptized each one as a public confirmation of their faith and new life in God. Since we had a visiting team already with us, we of course invited them along to help at this joyous occasion!

Please join us in praying for the new believers who were baptized, that they would feel encouraged and strengthened as they continue in their journey with God.



Our staff brought Sokchea (a young girl with cerebral palsy from our community) along with us to the water baptisms so that she could experience a swimming pool for the first time! Sokchea has always enjoyed showers and water play, and we were hoping that she would find the pool a stimulating and enjoyable experience. She loved it! Dealing with so many limitations and challenges that she faces, it’s a joy to find ways that bless her and help her have some fun.

Upper Room Project

Sak Saum

Last week we released our newest Sak Saum products for spring/summer 2015. This beautiful range of products from handbags and wallets to jewelry and apparel is sure to have something for everyone! Each purchase goes directly into Sak Saum program participants and community job creation, so help us spread the word by sharing this link with all your friends!


Baptising Believers

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them

 in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...”

Matthew 28:19

As a church and a ministry, this past weekend was one of much joy and celebration! Staff, volunteers and church members all joined together at a poolside in Phnom Penh for a time of worship, testimonies, and a public declaration of faith through the water baptism of new believers. In our midst were elderly ladies, men and women from the Sak Saum, teenagers from our youth group, and one of the children of Father's House: a gathering that without God would have very little in common but that in Christ has formed a family and community!

It was so encouraging to see Christians young and old embracing the transforming new life they have been given, and sharing with others what God has done in their hearts. From testimonies of a newfound love for other others and being set free from destructive behaviors, to the witness of watching someone who once almost drowned and had held a lifelong fear of water overcoming that fear, the day was a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness and steadfast commitment to His creation, always with their good in mind.

We hope that as you look at the photos below, you would be encouraged by the work that only God can do!

Lives Made New

For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives. Romans 6:4

Pastor Pheaktra translates as testimonies are shared

Pastor Pheaktra translates as testimonies are shared

In our first post for the new year, we want to share a glimpse into a very special event that happened this past weekend. In His Steps celebrated our largest baptism yet, with 55 new believers testifying to God's redemptive work in their lives. Early on Saturday morning, our Saang staff brought vans full of children from Father's House, Sunday School students, husbands and wives, and elderly grandmothers to a rented hotel pool in the city.

As hotel staff and passersby looked on, we had a time of worship, testimonies, and then of course the main event! After a rush to change clothes and prepare, the pool was lined with eager faces, and an atmosphere of happiness and excitement filled the air.

Four days after receiving salvation, this man was baptized alongside his wife

One of three Sak Saum women who were baptized that day

Our oldest church member, newly baptized

Our oldest church member, newly baptized

Afterwards, we shared a meal and had some free time for swimming

Afterwards, we shared a meal and had some free time for swimming

Others eagerly awaiting their turn

The very first people to be baptized were a blind woman and a grandmother who faces persecution from her family. They braved the cold water with joy on their faces, and many of us watching couldn't contain our tears. It was just the first of many such moments, as husbands and wives, orphans and widows, women from Sak Saum and others took this important step. 

We look forward to many more baptisms as we bring God's light to Cambodia. It is such a privilege to witness firsthand the fruits of our labors in Saang, and to be used as vessels to minister God's love as he draws people to himself. Join us in praying for each person baptized, that they would be bright and shining lamps in their community as they walk in His steps!

We look forward to the great things God has for 2011!

We look forward to the great things God has for 2011!