Back to school in Saang

This week the children in our area will be going back to school. Many have enjoyed their time off with friends and family. Here at our campus we have seen a growth in children attending the programs that we make available on the summer break. Our play area has seen an abundance of new faces, smiles, and laughs, which we just adore.


Smiles and laughter fills our campus with many precious young children everyday.


In the past years IHSI would supply many needy children with school supplies for the year, These children would be from poor homes, with desperate parents or grandparents that have no resources to send their children or grandchildren to become educated. This year IHSI was not in a position to help. But we have a great partner. Sak Saum Inc heard the cry, and came to the rescue, Sak Saum made it possible for over 25 young people to receive a full years school supplies. Which included uniforms, and shoes, book bags, pencils, pens, notebooks, every item need for a student to go to school. Thank you Sak Saum.


We are excited to see what the new school years brings for this precious group.

If you are looking for ways to help contribute to the giving of school supplies, or other needs here in our area of Cambodia, Please contact us. Or make a donation on this website or send your gift to In HIs Steps International, P. O. Box 60146 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80960, Also please visit the Sak Saum website to purchase any clothing or accessories you may need, They are a partner of IHSI and have a ministry to many also in need. See them at or