Sports Ministry brings Change

Here in Cambodia we are limited to which sports are affordable, also tangible to the culture, and demographics. IHSI has been focusing on one sport that will help with the physical and mental and emotion and spiritual health of our community. That Sport being football (soccer) as we call it in the US.

We have sent our staff to learn how to play the game by the rules, how to coach the game, and how to teach the strategies that are involved in the game. Sokra has been to Vietnam and Phnom Penh on different occasions to learn skills in Coaching skills, IHSI also have had a outreach team from Michigan that held a sports clinic at our center with coaching and playing skills development

This past few months we have joined in with other ministries, and NGO’s in support of tournaments that benefits the teams with learning the game, skills, friendship, as well as sportsmanship. Everyone involved in these efforts are learning different new skills even the coaches and organizations.

IHSI has three teams that we coach at this time. Young boys, Older boys, and a Girls team. Our center has become a buzz with children all wanting to learn skills and play the game. Every afternoon there are practices for the teams. Evening and weekend are filled with games for all ages.

Our Coach and his staff are also teaching biblical prospectives to the teams. This has been an eyeopener to some of the team members, we believe that we can and are influencing our community in many ways with the ways we are living our lives and our actions towards others. This alone has prompted questions that can only be answered by the Gospel.

IHSI teams have been commanded on there character at the tournaments, Other Coaches have come directly to our Coaches and expressed that the teams from IHSI have GOOD character and they are impressed with the teams sportsmanship towards the other teams.

Sports ministry has been changing and influencing lives in Cambodia, Use what is in your hand to influence thous around you.