Pray for Persecuted Youth

Several teenagers from our church shared with us this week that their teachers in public school have been trying to discourage them from their Christian faith, treating them differently than other students and informally "quizzing" them about Buddhism in a hostile way. 

Additionally, some of these same students face taunting and negativity from family members and neighbors when at home, leading them to feel that our Center is the only place that welcomes them. 

Please join us in praying: 

- That God would encourage them and be the lifter of their heads as they remain faithful to Him

- That they would show grace and kindness to their persecutors, overcoming evil with good

- That our staff would have wisdom as we counsel these young believers

- That those who feel a need to mock or discourage Christians in our community would receive revelation of God's love for them, and that they like Saul/Paul would be transformed into whole-hearted followers of Christ

Pray for Chaim

Early this morning the elderly mother of Chaim (staff member and Loaves and Fish foster mom) passed away after weeks of convalescence.

Please join us in praying for Chaim, her siblings, and other relatives as they grieve the loss of her mother:

 - For God to comfort all who mourn

 - For the (Buddhist-style) funeral that will take place to bring as little stress and negativity as possible

- For supernatural provision, peace and strength as the family adjusts to this sad loss of a loved one 



Meak Bochea Day is Coming Up

In two days Cambodia will have one of it's many religious holidays. Meak Bochea Day is for honoring Buddha and offering numerous sacrifices at local temples. Much time and money is put into these sacrifices by families who don't have enough to take care of themselves. Pray for Cambodians' eyes to be opened to the waste and futility of these rituals, and for revelation of the FREE gift of salvation which Jesus offers to them. Also pray that new Christians would not be swayed by family pressures to take part in idolatry.