Loving Our Neighbors

Since our last update, much has been happening in Saang. We are so blessed that the water on our own land has been receding, and that through the remaining muck and mud some patches of land are becoming visible again. But for so many (not just in Saang but in numerous provinces throughout the whole country), houses and crops are still partly submerged or have been swept away, their food and belongings ruined. Some family businesses have been forced to shut down for several weeks now.

Working with local village leaders, we learned of many neighboring families that need help and had not received any government aid. After investigating, we began buying supplies and coordinated an event to distribute them to those most in need. Below are some photos from this morning at the Saang commune center, where we gave bags of rice, noodles, tracts, and more to 54 local families.

For now, we are focusing on the immediate problem: ensuring that those most affected by the flooding have their basic needs met. But we know that in the months ahead, more needs will arise, as floodwaters drain and reveal the true extent of damage to the area. Meanwhile, the cost of food and other staples is already increasing.

 Please keep Cambodia in your prayers, that God would show his compassion to those in need through In His Steps and others on the field. Also, pray for government leaders in this time, that corruption and lack of infrastructure would not hinder their designated relief funds from reaching people in crisis.