A New Life


Hello everyone! A lot has been going on in the ministry since we last posted here. In fact, we have gained a new son! A young boy who was in our Loaves and Fish program recently moved from his caretaker’s home to our Foundation Center to live with staff.

Joshua is about eleven years old, an orphan who had been living with his uncle’s family. We supported them for 3 1/2 years, providing food and vitamins, covering education costs, and offering many other benefits to help them raise him. Unfortunately, it came to our attention that there was increasing alcoholism and domestic violence in the home, with the uncle frequently beating his wife and sometimes threatening or harming the children as well. After meeting with the man and giving repeated warnings, it became clear he was not willing to change.

With the approval of the village leader and both Joshua and the uncle’s agreement,

Loaves and Fish gained legal custody and moved him to the Foundation Center. To mark the beginning of this new life for him, we bought him new clothes, shoes, and books. He will continue attending school and will be raised and mentored by our staff.

Joshua is a sweet boy who is already growing by leaps and bounds! Before, he seemed afraid to look people in the eye, but a newfound confidence is growing. His playfulness, joy, and diligence in studying show how positive this move has been for him. In his free time, he’s been having fun learning to ride the new bicycle we gave him!

It’s great to see Joshua begin to flourish in a safe and loving environment. Our heart for him is that he would be deeply rooted in Christ, growing up as an example and leader in his community. We believe God has great things in store for Joshua, and for all the children in our programs.

We’re blessed to have been able to help Joshua leave behind his dangerous circumstances and find a better life. He is just one of many orphans here in Cambodia who are often in danger even in their homes. Alcoholism, abuse, child labor, and lack of education about children’s rights are all a part of this problem. As you may know, we are planning to build a children’s safehouse on our Foundation Center property. To help support this effort, you can go to our website.

Please continue to keep Joshua and our entire ministry in your prayers!

In Christ,