Boxes of Blessings


This morning we held a special children’s program for kids from impoverished families who live in a nearby village. We’ve been looking forward to giving out the Samaritan’s Purse OCC (Operation Christmas Child) shoeboxes we received this year, and after completing a children’s Bible study initiative from OCC with a core group of children, it was time to give out the gifts to a larger group!

The kids were clearly excited about the event, some of them arriving early by an hour or more. There were 85 of them, ranging from age 2-14 years old, with some of the littlest ones accompanied by parents or older siblings. While waiting for the program to being, they ran around outside and played at the playground in a frenzy of anticipation!


After short lesson from Solomon came the main event: giving out the shoeboxes from OCC. It is always fun to see the looks on children’s faces as they open presents and discover everything from toys and school supplies to toothbrushes and new clothes! Many of them carefully surveyed the items in their box one by one with delight, before placing them neatly back inside for safe-keeping. Most of these children have few personal possessions, and even the simplest of gifts is treasured! 


We are thankful for Samaritan’s Purse and their giving to our
community and many others. Please join us in praying that the children who received a shoebox today would feel blessed, would begin to attend church, and that they and their families would come to know Christ as they experience His love.

-    In His Steps




The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time in Saang, we decided to throw a party for staff, the Sak Saum community, Father's House, Loaves and Fish, and some of our elderly church members.  But this was not just any party, it was a Khmer-style barbecue, with three hefty porkers roasted on spits since the wee hours of morning! 

Several hours prior to the break of dawn, staff and youth from our Father's House and Loaves and Fish programs were up, pounding long wooden sticks through the pigs and lighting fires in the coal pits they had dug the day before. By midday the smell of smoke and barbecue sauce had taken over the neighborhood, as Sak Saum began making a huge vat of rice and salads, pickles, and drinks were being assembled by others.

Chairs and tables were set up, music began to play, and soon the partygoers started to arrive! It wasn't long before the GCCS sanctuary was filled with hungry, happy people, joining together for a delicious feast as one big family.

When everyone had eaten, it was clear there were too many leftovers... which is why we decided to go on a little mini-outreach in our neighborhood! With "doggy bags" of mouthwatering pork and rice in hand, we were able to bring an impromptu dinner to 20 families that evening, telling them they are loved and inviting them to attend church and sign up for our educational programs. Some of those who received a meal told us that they had been lacking money to buy food, and that this was their first meal of the day. What a privilege to be a part of God's provision!

We love our ministry family, and are excited to see the many ways that love knits people together and strengthens the Body of Christ. We look forward to many more barbecues, but more importantly, the continued growth of the wonderful work that God is doing in Saang.



Kairos Training Center: February Update


Since opening the doors of the Kairos Training Center, it has been wonderful to see the community of Saang embracing opportunities for growth and empowerment. Children are learning to read their in own language, pastors are signing up for Bible courses, young people who might otherwise be wandering their neighborhood aimlessly are being taught practical skills and the principles of service and leadership. From English students who now can study sheltered from the sun and rain, to toddlers enjoying our nursery as their mothers attend church, the Kairos Training Center offers something for everyone.

In addition to our weekly English classes, Khmer literacy training, youth group, computer skills class and worship services, a few recent highlights at the KTC include:

  • Holding our first two ecumenical Youth Fellowship events, with nearly 200 youth from local churches joining for a time of worship, prayer, learning, and fun
  • Opening our Reading Room and watching children and teens enjoy access to more books than most Cambodians see in a lifetime
  • A very special gathering of women from area churches to meet Lisa Bevere, receive one of her books in the Khmer language, and be challenged to walk out their faith in boldness and authority

The need for a multi-purpose community building like the KTC was placed in our hearts several years ago, and to see this need being met is such a blessing. We are so thankful for Pearl Alliance's faithful partnership with us in pursuing the vision God has given In His Steps for this region. Please keep the KTC and all who enter its doors in your prayers, that God would be glorified and the community of Saang would be equipped to reach this nation for Him!

Click here to download our update!


Kairos Training Center Debut

When Eric and Ginny Hanson first began In His Steps International, they felt led to focus on the Saang District of Cambodia. They wanted to influence this community in a deep, life-changing, empowering way and one way they chose to so was through teaching English. Over time, that choice grew and developed into children’s programs, youth services, a church plant, leadership training and more.

This past weekend marked both the fulfillment and the embarkation of a long-awaited vision — a center which would offer multiple avenues for training and equipping children, teenagers, young adults and the elders of the community. Construction of the building started in January 2012 but the foundation was laid years ago in a one-room building crammed full of the poorest of the poor, eager to learn.

We hope you will enjoy this video about the Kairos Training Center.

Also, we are pleased to announce the debut of our new website. We hope you will take time to look around. Engage with the ministries, see where In His Steps began and what God has done over the years, peruse the pictures and more. Enjoy!