Building Pastors


Today we want to tell you about a man whom we recently had the privilege to bless in a small way. His story is one of faithfulness in the face of tragedy, hardship, and isolation.

In the group of church leaders that join us for our monthly fellowship meetings, there is a certain pastor who attends somewhat sporadically. He stood out to us because the first time he attended the fellowship, he arrived more than four hours early! Pastor Pheaktra chatted with him for a while and discovered that he had ridden a bicycle for more than two hours to our Center, simply to receive teaching and spend time in fellowship with other local church leaders.

This man has had more than his share of difficulties: a handicapped leg, the loss of two young children, and a life of relative poverty could have left him embittered and withdrawn. Yet he chooses to walk in the calling that God has placed on his life, despite the hardship that he faces daily. He finds joy in service to God through ministering to the people in the small rural village where he lives as assistant pastor.

His salary is small and he and his family have sacrificed much to continue in ministry, so when our leadership team discussed his situation we knew we wanted to help. We decided to target one of his biggest needs: transportation.

Below is a photo of the pastor enjoying his new moto, brought to him as a surprise by Eric and Pheaktra. We are also committing to provide him with some gas money each month, to make sure that this gift remains a blessing not a burden.

God has seen this pastor’s labors, his long bicycle rides around the countryside, and his uncomplaining spirit. We’re so happy to have been able to help him in a small way. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.

~In His Steps