Healing and Growth


This sweet 9 year-old girl name means "healthy", yet she has lived through attempted abortion by her mother, possible fetal alcohol syndrome, neglect, rejection, and has cerebral palsy. She has been making progress physically and socially, but we believe she will become even stronger and healthier than anyone from her village could have ever imagined! And although she is currently non-verbal we believe someday she will be able to speak the words which she sometimes tries so hard to form. 


- That she would know she is fearfully and wonderfully made, and that no matter the circumstances of her conception and birth that she is not a mistake  

- That she would not live under false guilt or shame about life circumstances beyond her control

- That she would continue to develop more muscle tone, control, and dexterity

- That she would continue to gain age-appropriate weight

- That she would develop more fine motor skills 

- That she would learn how to communicate her emotions in a positive way

- That she would not experience any more seizures or panic attacks

- That she would hear the voice of God and respond to him in her own way

- That those who visit her would find creative ways to keep therapy interesting and enjoyable for her  

- That her caregiver would feel encouraged, that he would come to know God, and that he would be blessed with enough work to consistently provide for her

In the last five months she has surprised many by her progress, we believe there is much more to come! Thank you for your prayers.