Winter weather in Cambodia

We are entering our Cambodian winter season. Although we don't see snow or extreme cold here we do have cooler weather. Which for a national is cold. This season brings colds and all kinds of runny noses, coughs and all that is entailed with sickness. This weather is extremely difficult for the older people in Cambodia. Typical Cambodian housing in the province where we live consists of a one room home constructed with leaves or tin and bricks. The homes placements are usually perched above running or still water for lack of not owning property. This can create even a colder night sleep for the ones with no blankets or covers. Please pray for the people with no blankets to find warmth and comfort and for the older people, that their relatives will help them during this winter season. Also pray for health for babies and moms, young and old alike. 

Thank you for your prayers


Udate on Vouen

We are so glad to say that Vouen is back with us on the campus in Saang. He had decided to come back on Monday to see if he can help around the campus a little bit. As he is still recovering from his bout with Dengue and Typhoid fever three weeks ago. Thank you for your prayers for Vouen. Vouen wants all to know that he is grateful to have friends all over the world praying for him and his recovery. Blessed eh

Please Pray for Cambodia

Cambodia is going through some distinct changes. We are seeing growth on every side, Construction sites on every corner, high rise buildings everywhere and road construction in all directions. This was enviable, years of neglect and adding weak patches to the infrastructure has taken its toll and now is the time to expand and grow. With growth opens new ideas, and new ideas open new hope for those who can follow the new ideals. Cambodia is populated with a large number of young people. The young people are willing and able to follow new ideas from outside countries. But their is a part of Cambodia that is old it is a small part mostly killed off by the times of Pol Pot but some are living, and they are sadly the outcome from the Pol Pot regime. Uneducated, living in a survival mindset, Day to day, hand to mouth, experiencing this growth for them can be very demanding and stressful. Learning a new driving system, new language, economy challenges with banking and credit cards. Medical insurance, life insurance, university for the grand children. The future? what does it hold? The older generation in Cambodia has never stopped to think about the future much before today. This is a time for them to learn that the idea of thefuture is important.  But many have not been taught how to hope for the future, what is important in life for them in the future. Young people are on a different scale they are open, they read books from others countries about different cultures and how the future can be changed and is changing through young peoples involvements and voices for change. Cambodia is growing fast, maybe to fast at times? Please join IHSI as we pray for the challenges that come with change in the nation of Cambodia. Pray for the youth as they join in with there voices to address change in needed areas in the nation. Pray for the elderly that have seen the devastationto life and country from the past ideals that they would have a hope for their nation and the youth that will lead some of the needed changes, Pray for the nations as she engages all the challenges ahead that are encompassed with moving forward into a life giving infrastructure here in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Pray for IHSI that we would bring some answers to some of the questions that will arise in these changing times. Pray for the Spirit of God to rest on all the Government leaders as they lead the nation into this new generation of change.

Khmer New Year

Hi friends, this week we enter the celebration of the Cambodian New Year, where it is customary to make the journey to your home land and spend quality time with your close family relatives. This is an celebration from the ancient times in Khmer culture when people would make the trek back to help harvest the family rice, and start the New Year with relatives. This a Joyous time of the year. With all the traveling involved in this holiday the roads are flooded with trucks, cars and motorbikes. With the increase of traffic there can be many auto accidents, added with the extra drinks with friends celebrating. All to say please pray for a safe and fun time for everyone traveling the roads and celebrating with family here in Cambodia..