Khmer New Year 2016

On Saturday April 9th IHSC hosted a Khmer New Year party. It lasted all afternoon into the evening. We had a whole bunch of different things going on. The party began with different traditional Khmer games that everyone enjoyed playing. We had a cake eating contest, a water balloon fight, tug of war, and smashed a bunch of clay pots. Towards the end of the night there was dancing and powder was everywhere. We had big speakers playing dance music. There was a lot of laughter and smiles.


Gardening with Srey Touch

Srey Touch lives in the Fathers House. She has completed her 12 grades studies last year and has been busy helping with leading our youth program, as well as teaching Khmer in the very desperate areas near our campus. Srey Touch has taken on an interest in gardening. She loves to see the plants grow as they receive the water, sun and her care. Much like people She says, when the people open their hearts to receive from God the water, the Sun, (Son) and his care they can simply start growing. Gardening 101.

Preschool on campus.

A preschool has started up at IHSI within the past few weeks for the older Sak Saum children in the nursery. They are learning ABC’s, numbers, shapes, colors and life lessons. It took the children a few days to get into it, but now they are showing improvement. The children are eager to learn and are excited for something different to do each day. We are so excited to start this ministry.


We had two weddings here at IHSI in the past month for two of our Sak Saum couples. The couples wanted a Christian wedding and they were held here at GCCS. In the beginning Pastor Eric talks about the importance of a man and woman coming together before God. There is a short break and a snack is served. Everyone comes back to witness the washing of the parents feet and the washing of the bride and grooms feet. The bride and groom then change and come back to exchange vows and take communion. After it is all finished everyone went to a restaurant for the reception. Everyone had a very good time!