Gospel Community Church

In the summer of 2009 we planted a church in Saang, and this year we will be celebrating our 7-year anniversary! Staff from our Khmer leadership team pastor the growing congregation, with the Hansons serving as apostolic advisors. In addition to weekly services, GCCS has women’s and men’s groups, youth discipleship, ecumenical events, children’s ministry, Sunday School, nursery, counseling, benevolent programs, and more.

GCCS is founded on the belief that the Body of Christ is meant to be a living, active presence in the community, exemplifying the Kingdom of God through the lifestyle of his people. We are all growing and learning together as we seek his will for Saang!


Community Development & Relief

As the need arises, we offer emergency relief and supplies such as food, vitamins, clothing, beds, tarp roofs, water filters, hygiene supplies, and school supplies to those in need.

In collaboration with local government, we also provide seminars and events to raise awareness of community issues (health and hygiene, family management, anti-trafficking, family issues, domestic abuse, etc) and offer practical and Biblical solutions to the community.


Kairos Training Center

The Kairos Training Center is designed to expand the ongoing programs at our ministry campus. It provides a community-friendly space where discipleship, education, and fellowship can all take place, as well as an outdoor playground area for local children.

In addition to being the hub for all Gospel Community Church programs, the KTC offers English classes, computer classes, educational events, youth and children’s programs, pastoral care, discipleship training, leadership development, cultural arts training, a children’s reading room, an on-site nursery for children of Sak Saum women, a gathering space for community events, and more.


Sak Saum

Sak Saum, the Khmer word for “dignity”, is a program designed to help at-risk and trafficked women through counseling, education, and job skills training.  Women in our program receive counseling, are trained in income-generating skills, receive life-skills mentoring, and take part in daily devotional times. We also provide housing for those without a safe place to stay and childcare for women with young children.

In addition to the women in our full-time program, we also provide income and discipleship to impoverished and at-risk individuals (both men and women) outside of our regular program. This is accomplished by employing them at our fair-trade sewing facilities or purchasing supplies and materials they produce. By pouring into lives with the love of Christ, we are seeing many be restored and transformed in beautiful ways.


Father's House

Father’s House, a facility for orphaned, at-risk, and trafficked children, is not simply an orphanage, but a home for children without a family.  In the Cambodian orphanage system, children often become more segregated from and marginalized by the communities which already saw them as “broken”. They grow up poorly equipped to face life outside this system, remaining highly vulnerable to trafficking and very likely to perpetuate the dysfunction and brokenness they have experienced with their own future families. Restoring the foundation of family is the core goal of Father’s House. Though each child comes from different backgrounds, they all need the stability, provision, discipline and love that only a family can provide!

As FH kids receive nurturing, care, and education, old mindsets are being overturned and replaced with the knowledge that in God they have hope and a good future. Fear is being exchanged for confidence. Self-pity is being replaced with gratitude. Many are active in church ministries; leading worship, visiting the sick, and helping with Sunday School. Children who were labeled as outcasts, illiterates, and troublemakers are now proving themselves to be achievers and leaders!


Loaves & Fish

Our Loaves and Fish program provides food, vitamins, hygiene supplies, clothing, medical care, and education to orphans, widows, and the desperately poor. In Cambodian culture, these are three groups that are often ignored or ostracized. Our goal is to not only meet physical needs, but to integrate them into their communities as equal and valued individuals. This is accomplished by discipleship, education, and releasing each one in their giftings, involving them in church ministry and outreach to the areas they live.



Pastoral Care

An offshoot of GCCS in-house ministry is our pastoral care services. GCCS providespastoral training opportunities, Biblical counsel and more, with the goal of strengthening unity, increased efficacy of the Body of Christ in Kandal Province.

 We also look for ways to provide ongoing help and resources for Poor and needy families in our Fellowship and community, including food donations, clothing, medical needs, educational needs and building supplies. as well as Spiritual counseling.

International Ministry

The Hanson’s are licensed pastors and gifted in ministering to groups and individuals through discipleship training, teaching, and counseling. They often are invited to speak at churches, YWAM bases, retreats, and seminars throughout the USA and Asia. To contact the Hanson’s for booking information, please email erich@ihsionline.org | ginnyh@ihsionline.org.